Nobuyoshi Araki: Flower Polaroid.
Nobuyoshi Araki: Flower Polaroid.
Nobuyoshi Araki: Flower Polaroid.

Nobuyoshi Araki: Flower Polaroid.

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Unique Polaroid Type 600 print
Image: 7.8 x 7.6 cm
With frame: 25 x 22 cm
Signed on the verso, comes with certificate 
Print comes framed

Eros and thanatos (sex and death) has been a central theme in Nobuyoshi Araki’s (Tokyo, 1940) work, which becomes very apparent in his abiding fascination with the female body and his love for flowers. Flowers preyed on Araki’s imagination as symbols of sex and death since his childhood. Growing up nearby a temple in downtown Tokyo, a place where spirits were enshrined, Araki used to watch the cut flowers offered at the graveyards.

To Araki, arranging decayed flowers is a form of revival, and photography records the beauty of brevity eternally. The first flowers that Araki ever photographed were higan bana or cemetery flowers. He asked the graveyard guardian to save flowers for him and he would photograph them against a plain white background.

His collection of vivid close-ups of flowers, are both sensually evocative and charged with a colourful realism that links Araki’s oeuvre to his cultural roots, recalling ikebana, the meditative art of Japanese flower arrangement. 

“Flowers become more enriched with life as they approach their death. The most beautiful moment is just before they perish. When coming close to them, one is enraptured with sexual spirituality..” - Nobuyoshi Araki

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