Vase, Takatori-Yaki, 114
Vase, Takatori-Yaki, 114
Vase, Takatori-Yaki, 114

Vase, Takatori-Yaki, 114

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Vase, Number 114.
Tenmoku Glazed Ceramic
29.8 x 10.8 x 10.8 cm
Comes with a handcrafted wooden box

In 16th century Japan, known as the Edo period, tea ceremonies in Japan were rapidly increasing in popularity. At the time, Japan was at war with Korea, which they also decided to use for cultural gain. Korean craftsmen had superior knowledge and skills in regards to ceramics and teaware, so the Japanese decided to use that to their advantage. At the end of the century, the Korean potter Hachizan was brought to Japan, where he started the Japanese ceramicist family known today as Takatori-Yaki. 

Hachizan opened many kilns, but carefully decided which type of earthenware would suit each area best. The Takatori-Yaki kiln is located in Fukuoka, a volcanic area, which makes their ceramics special for their use of seven different kinds of colour glazes. This also allows them to create objects with porcelain-like qualities, as they are able to make the ceramics strong yet very thin, despite the layers of glazing. One of their specialties is creating different types of textures, and with it manipulating the colour of the glaze. For over 400 years, the family has prospered and perfected the traditional methods used to create the ceramics we see today.

Takatori-Yaki ceramics have a quiet, subtle elegance, very much in tune with the place and spirit in which they are created. The ceramics themselves possess shapes based on the observation of nature. Spend a little time around them and their refined simplicity becomes apparent.

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